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Windshield replacement is not a product, it is a service—a safety service. It requires the best materials that technology can provide, and it requires highly trained, skilled, and detail-oriented technicians to install the windshield properly.
Windshield ranks as the third most important part of a vehicle's SRS (Self Restraint System) system. Along with the airbag and seatbelt, the windshield is an integral part of the vehicle's safety system that is intended to keep its occupant safely inside the passenger compartment during an accident or a roll over.
If the windshield was improperly installed, it could pop out during an accident, therefore causing the airbag to be useless. The windshield also accounts for 60% of the vehicles's crush resistance, so it is absolutely vital that the windshield does its job during a roll over.
In order to insure the quality and safety of our windshield replacement services, we use the most advanced materials available.

Windshield repair is a fast way to take care of the annoying but unavoidable rock chip. Repairs will retain the factory seal, can be done in less than 30 minutes, and are usually free with comprehensive insurance.